NGLCC Joins Open Letter to IOC Sponsors

| By Justin Nelson

Late last week, NGLCC joined the HRC and more than 40 other organizations to again ask the corporate sponsors of the International Olympic Committee to condemn the Russian laws against LGBT people. We've asked that these corporations use their voices "to insist on changes that will make a difference in the future." When the opening ceremonies begin on Friday in Sochi, the NGLCC will continue to ask the corporations think about the safety--and equality--of LGBT people before the commerce of the Olympic Games. 

Read the letter

In the letter, we restate objectives the NGLCC originally asked for six months ago in our first letter to the corporate sponsors of the IOC
  • Individually or collectively, condemn Russia’s anti-LGBT law;
  • Use your Olympics-related marketing and advertising—both domestically and internationally—to promote equality during the weeks leading up to and during the Games themselves;
  • Ask the IOC to create a body to monitor serious Olympics-related human rights abuses in host countries as they occur; and
  • Task the IOC with ensuring future Olympic host countries honor their commitments to upholding the Olympic Charter, including Principle 6 which forbids discrimination of any kind. 

Please share this letter on social media and let these corporate sponsors know that the Olympics should be about safety before commerce.

Thank you to NGLCC Corporate Partner AT&T for being the first corporation to openly condemn "Russia’s law [as] harmful to LGBT individuals and families, [and] harmful to a diverse society."