NGLCC Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program
As a certified LGBT Business Enterprise (LGBTBE), you have an exclusive opportunity to access business intelligence specifically focused on strengthening your company and your network. 

The NGLCC Mentorship Program connects LGBTBEs with experienced and committed mentors to expand the reach and support the growth of certified LGBT-owned companies. By matching LGBTBEs with corporate representatives from leading NGLCC Corporate Partners and LGBT entrepreneurs, protégés receive expert guidance and industry insights focused directly on their individual business goals.

Applications for the  2016-2017 Mentorship Program must be submitted by Thursday, June 30 2016. The 2016-2017 mentor-protégé matches will kick off at the 2016 NGLCC International Business & Leadership Conference, which will be held in Palm Springs, California on August 23-26. Learn more about the 2016 conference at

At the start of the program, mentor-protégé pairs outline their goals then connect on a regular and ongoing basis throughout the year. NGLCC supports the development of each mentor-protégé relationship by providing group teleconferences, in person meetings, and training opportunities designed to enhance individual relationships and deliver exciting educational topics to the cohort of participating protégés.

Previous LGBTBE Protégés Mentorship Program share their thoughts on the experience and what applicants can expect from participating:

“The NGLCC Mentorship program allowed us to re-engage with a former corporate client and understand how the vendor landscape had changed within their organization. Our mentors were open, honest and provided recommendations on how to adjust our strategy within the industry. The information was invaluable as we plan our long-term strategy in this sector. It is a fantastic program. We highly recommend it.” 

- Andy McNeill, CEO, American Meetings, Inc. (AMI)

“Being a certified LGBTBE through the NGLCC already gives you access to otherwise 'out of reach' relationships with corporate representatives, and having an NGLCC mentor is that on steroids. I was fortunate to have Theresa Harrison, from EY, who held a bigger vision for me than I had for myself and helped me up-level. She also gave me specific suggestions how to grow and expand my corporate offerings and took me under her wing at conferences. The NGLCC keeps coming out with new ways of bringing value to us aspiring business owners, and if you have a chance to participate in the mentorship program it will be one of the best opportunities you'll have as a certified supplier, or even as a business owner.” 

- Sharon Melnick, PhD, CEO, Horizon Point Inc.

“NGLCC’s mentorship program provided L7z Group with the opportunity to create strong foundations with Corporate Partners. We gained access to collective intelligence, experience, and perspective from corporate partners, the mentors, and their associated teams, that we would not normally have access to. If you are seeking to grow your business, the mentorship program is a great place to start.” 

- Gonzo Araya, Creative Principal and Analytics Officer, L7z Group

“The NGLCC mentorship program connected us with a fantastic company in our industry. On multiple occasions we leaned on the expert advice of seasoned professionals who were always willing to help. Mentors are important for any growing business. I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity.” 

  • Anthony Shop, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder, Social Driver

To take advantage of this benefit for certified LGBTBEs submit your application by June 30, 2016. Prospective mentors should apply here, and prospective protégés should apply here