LGBTBE Strategic Growth & Development Institute

| By Brandon Schenk
Elevate your company to the next level and empower your leadership through collective action with the latest opportunity offered through the NGLCC Supplier Innovation Center
NGLCC’s LGBTBE Strategic Growth & Development Institute, presented in partnership with Pelham Associates, is a three-day program designed to bolster the strength of small- to medium-sized businesses. Personalized to address the specific concerns and challenges facing their participants, this program assists business leaders in creating a revised business plan to successfully build their companies.
> The LGBTBE Strategic Growth & Development Institute is now accepting applications and will be taking place at our national headquarters in Washington D.C. from November 18 to 20, leading into our annual National Dinner.
In order to make the improvements as effective as possible, the institute will be working with the top management teams of each business. Every day will cover a different topic, spanning development, implementation, and synthesis with room for flexibility. After learning about analytical frameworks and the best fundamental procedures in the morning, management teams will then practice applying these principles in guided breakout workshops. They will be able to receive immediate feedback by program facilitators and improve their collaboration skills as a cohesive unit.
Top management teams will emerge from the LGBTBE Strategic Growth & Development Institute with a clear, shared strategy for progress and prosperity, broad commitment to the plan for implementing the strategy, and increased knowledge about how to tackle obstacles that may arise.
Attendees of the 2013 National Business & Leadership Conference will have the opportunity to preview and apply for the institute on Friday morning of the conference. The “Intentional Growth: Dusting Off and Reinvigorating Your Business Plan” session features speaker Len Greenhalgh, Professor of Management and Director of Programs for Minority- and Women-Owned Businesses at Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business, who will provide a snapshot of what to expect when he leads the program in November. Any LGBTBEs interested in pursuing the Strategic Growth & Development Institute should make sure to be present. Applications will also be available on the NGLCC website with more details on daily topics.