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NGLCC Global is the international division of the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce. It is a network comprised of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) Chambers of Commerce and Business Networks all over the world. It is devoted to promoting economic empowerment as well as inclusive economic growth for LGBTI people and LGBTI-owned businesses. As a network, it builds on the strengths of each partner and shares best practices, while also developing a more thorough understanding of the challenges that LGBTI people and business owners face. 

Our Mission

NGLCC Global is dedicated to advancing the economic empowerment of LGBTI people everywhere. Economic empowerment means when an individual or community has an equality of opportunity to participate in, contribute to, and benefit from the formal economy. For too many LGBTI people, discrimination, violence, and stigma limit their ability to participate in, contribute to, and benefit from such opportunities. Throughout the network, NGLCC Global promotes LGBTI economic empowerment for individuals in the labor market, for LGBTI workers in the formal sector, and for LGBTI business owners and entrepreneurs.

NGLCC Global is also dedicated to advancing inclusive economic growth for LGBTI people. Inclusive economic growth refers to the ways in which employment and financial advances apply equitably across all sectors, social groups, and socioeconomic classes. In contexts where LGBTI people experience exclusion, there is significantly less economic output, which limits any meaningful redistribution into their well-being. NGLCC Global thus works with the private sector and public sector to develop ways to understand and foster inclusive economic growth for LGBTI people.

To promote economic empowerment and inclusive economic growth for LGBTI people, this mission requires a two-fold approach: first, it is necessary to have a nuanced understanding of the challenges and barriers that LGBTI people face by virtue of discrimination, violence, exclusion, and stigma. In many contexts around the world, these challenges are significant. Second, this requires the ability to promote and encourage the contributions that LGBTI people make to their communities and societies. Around the world, LGBTI people are showing their resilience, ingenuity, creativity, and productivity – contributions that NGLCC Global promotes and celebrates.  

Realizing Our Mission

To build a world in which LGBTI people can flourish in their economic opportunities, as well as an economic system that provides equal opportunities and investments in LGBTI people, NGLCC Global focuses on the following main points:

  • Expand the global LGBTI business network: NGLCC Global helps build and grow more global LGBTI Chambers of Commerce and Business Networks, particularly in regions where there are no such collective endeavors. 
  • Scale up international Supplier Diversity: NGLCC Global aims to increase the registration of LGBTI-owned businesses to connect them with multinational corporations and international affiliate chamber leaders to increase their business opportunities.
  • Collect data and generate knowledge: As numerous global institutions have shown, the quantitative data gaps on LGBTI people are enormous. Without large-scale research initiatives or governments to collect data, this undercuts the ability of LGBTI people to represent themselves, their well-being, and their livelihoods. With international and regional organizations, NGLCC Global collects data on LGBTI socioeconomic well-being, and create data-driven recommendations for the public and private sector alike.
  • Convene LGBTI business leaders: NGLCC Global works year-round to connect LGBTI business owners, Chambers of Commerce and Business Networks, as well as corporate partners for business development opportunities. 

Working with the Public Sector

NGLCC Global is proud to be a key collaborator of the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) LGBTI Global Development Partnership. This comprehensive, public-private partnership promotes LGBTI equality in developing and emerging markets through economic empowerment. With the partnership, NGLCC Global works with LGBTI leaders to create LGBTI Chambers of Commerce, to identify LGBTI entrepreneurs and connect them to business opportunities, and to develop innovative programs that combat economic discrimination and exclusion.  

Working with the Private Sector

“If we are to achieve faster global progress towards equality for lesbian, gay, bi, trans, and intersex people, businesses will not only have to meet their human rights responsibilities, they must become active agents of change.” - Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

During the 2017 Global LGBTI Business Week, NGLCC Global convened an expert panel discussion regarding the United Nations standards on combatting discrimination against LGBTI people – particularly launching a new engagement with the United Nations to implement such efforts. NGLCC Global works with corporations to become supporters of these standards of conduct and to meet their obligations to combat discrimination against LGBTI people in the workplace, in the marketplace, and in the community.  

Working with the International Community

Numerous organizations within the United Nations, global financial institutions like the World Bank, and regional organizations are addressing LGBTI issues in their work – particularly examining the impact of discrimination and violence. Often, these issues are framed in terms of human rights. Recently, discrimination and violence against LGBTI people are being examined through an economic development lens. NGLCC Global collaborates with these international organizations, and specifically, advance a more robust operational definition of LGBTI economic empowerment and inclusive growth – a strategy that incorporates both the challenges as well as contributions of LGBTI people.

Get Involved

NGLCC Global provides many opportunities for our international business community to grow and connect. Interested in getting involved with NGLCC Global, attending an NGLCC Global event or getting your business or chamber registered for potential growth and networking opportunities?

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