Adjusting Your Anchors: Regaining Stability and Control in the Age of COVID-19: NGLCC’s Takeaways

| By Kaela Roeder

Brian Gorman, founder of TransformingLives.Coach, presented “Adjusting Your Anchors: Regaining Stability and Control in the Age of COVID-19” for the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce’s (NGLCC) Webinar Wednesday series.

Today, the coronavirus is affecting every part of our personal and professional lives. During times of relative stability, we rely on our "anchors" to provide us with a sense of security. These anchors generally consist of a series of beliefs, people in our lives and a set of activities. But the coronavirus has caused many of these anchors to be suddenly torn away or significantly shifted.

Gorman presented the ways in which we can adjust these anchors, and maintain stability in our personal and professional lives during these times of uncertainty.

The NGLCC was inspired by Gorman’s presentation, and we have highlighted the key takeaways that all businesses can use during these trying times.

  1. Identify your anchors and make adjustments

“During times of turbulence, we need to lift our anchors up, look at them, and make adjustments,” said Gorman.

It is essential to identify the anchors in our lives: our traditions, beliefs or close friends and family. We may need to loosen or tighten the anchor, or even remove the anchor all together and opt for a new one during these chaotic times.

When our lives are turbulent amidst the coronavirus, traditional anchors may not work. You may need to opt for a different strategy, one that moves and adjusts with the chaos. For example, instead of meeting a friend for coffee in-person, one can meet with a friend over Zoom.

Working from home has also caused unrest for many people. Without routines of commuting to work and putting on businesswear, many can feel lost and unmotivated.

But, you can resolve this feeling. “You may need to reconnect with an anchor that was ripped away,” said Gorman

For example, if you are used to putting on a suit everyday to go to work, put on that suit to work from home. Tightening the anchor this tradition can make a big difference in your productivity. While it may seem pointless to put on a suit to work from home, having this semblance of normalcy can make a positive difference.

Below is a worksheet example for how to adjust your anchors:

Team NGLCC has taken this advice, and created a Wednesday Lunch Hour to connect with one another outside of our regularly scheduled touchpoints. Reconnecting with this anchor of having lunch together every weekday has helped reconnect with one another during these uncertain times, and we hope to build on this lunch hour to connect our team and affiliates more in the future!


  1. Keep the “three brains” in mind

Gorman did not don himself as a scientist, but described the “three brains” in our body in relation to stabilizing oneself emotionally. Gorman described the “three brains” in our body as the brain in our head, the cardiac brain, and the brain in our gut brain The brain in our head is the “central processor,” and if snap responses have been enacted in the brain, other thoughts or feelings cannot get through from the heart and the gut cannot get through. 

For example, if your heart and gut are unsure about decisions during the coronavirus, listen to those feelings. Many want to make rational decisions during this time only using our central processor, but it is important to listen to your heart and gut feelings. 

Gorman also led the webinar through a breathing exercise to align the three brains in our body. This exercise can help behaviors and responses in chaotic situations. He encouraged the audience to use this exercise throughout our experience of the coronavirus and beyond.

To learn more about Gorman and TransformingLives.Coach, make sure to visit their website by clicking here.

Stay tuned for our future Webinar Wednesdays programming, and learn more about the series by visiting our page here.

For additional ways to help you, your business, and the LGBT community during this time, visit the NGLCC COVID-19 Resource Hub for the LGBT Business Community.