Atlanta Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce Sets the Stage for NGLCC cosponsorship with SBA

| By Andy DiAntonio
Big things are happening in Georgia.  The Atlanta Gay  & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce has just announced that it will enter into a Strategic Alliance memorandum (SAM) with the Georgia District office of the U.S. Small Business Administration. The goal of this agreement is to build a stronger working relationship between the AGLCC and the District office of the SBA, which can then be employed to bolster LGBT small business development in the already thriving Atlanta metropolitan area economy.

This new alliance between AGLCC and the SBA is first of many such arrangements that will take place across the country in the coming months. They are part of the NGLCC LGBT Business Builder, a cosponsorship between the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and the SBA, which will officially come into effect in early February.    
Sam McClure, NGLCC Vice President, Affiliate Relations & External Affairs,  explained the significance of this collaboration:
"This strategic alliance between our local affiliate chamber, the Atlanta Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, and the SBA Georgia district office is a great example of what this partnership between the NGLCC and the SBA will accomplish. We're taking the collaboration out of Washington DC and bringing it to where our shared stakeholders live, work and build their businesses. We expect to see many more strategic alliances built with our local affiliate chambers across the nation.”
Andria Towne, President of the AGLCC, offered remarks that expanded the role of the alliance, noting that it would encourage more Certified LGBTBE® statuses. Towne said, "This partnership represents a monumental step forward for LGBT business in Georgia. We are excited to be working with the local district office of the SBA and the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce to further expand business certification opportunities for LGBT owned businesses."
The signing of the Strategic Alliance Memorandum will take place, Friday, January 23, at the famed Fox Theatre in Atlanta. Andria Towne and Terri Denison, SBA District Director, will be on hand to sign the agreement. Denison, whose office will work closely with AGLCC leadership and members, earlier stated, “the mission of the SBA and AGLCC is co-joined in that we both help start, maintain and expand small businesses. We are encouraged to team with AGLCC to offer SBA programs and services.”
More information about the planned NGLCC LGBT Business Builder, cosponsored by U.S. Small Business Administration, will be released in the coming weeks.