NGLCC Announces 2nd Class for Predictable Success!

| By Brandon Schenk
Continuing our mission to strengthen and support LGBT people and their businesses, our inaugural Certified LGBTBE® Strategic Growth & Development Institute last March brought together NGLCC certified suppliers to explore change and capitalize on sustainable growth. The NGLCC continues to build off of this success and grow to new heights with our 2nd Certified LGBTBE® Strategic Growth & Development Institute: Predictable Success
Having wowed us at the 2013 National Business and Leadership Conference in Dallas, TX with his business lifecycle model, Les McKeown; best selling author of Predictable Success, will lead the institute and guide this year's class towards achieving their greatest potential. Scheduled to begin November 19, 2014, participants will challenge themselves over two days of programming to determine what stage of the lifestyle they’re in and what they can do to break into long-term stability and growth.  
Please join the NGLCC in welcoming the class of November 2014:
Also included is the first international institute participant:
As an intersection of a business development, continuing education, and professional growth, the NGLCC Supplier Innovation Center connects the dots and celebrates the growth potential of high-achieving LGBT-owned businesses. While constantly growing in the technology and education it offers, the Supplier Innovation Center will host the institute once again in its unique classroom space that is designed to aid in the engagement of learners and inspire change. 
The institute is made largely possible by the increased participation of our center’s powering corporate partner, Wells Fargo.  With their continued contributions to our educational programs and facility, participants will challenge themselves and learn what structures, processes, and people are vital to achieve their goals. They will discover a model and vocabulary for effective, team-based decision-making while also knowing how their leadership style can contribute to the success of their organization. In the end, participants will leave clear on their role in bringing their organization to or keeping it in Predictable Success
NGLCC will continue to partner with organizations that produce powerful, impactful, and immersive learning experiences for our Certified LGBTBE® suppliers and local affiliate chamber members. As the landscape of business diversity and inclusion continues to change, our goal is to work collaboratively for increased LGBT economic power.  
The NGLCC would again like to thank all of the 2014 Strategic Growth & Development Institute Sponsors: Wells Fargo, Southern California Edison, and Pfizer.  
Stay tuned for more information about the 2nd Certified LGBTBE® Strategic Growth & Development Institute: Predictable Success and additional NGLCC programming