Senate Action on ENDA Imminent

| By Sam McClure
Call Your Senators about the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (S. 815)
We are very proud to work in partnership with many of our sister national LGBT advocacy organizations to support the Americans for Workplace Opportunity campaign to pass ENDA. We are equally proud to partner with the Small Business Majority on the research that indicates the business community is not only not threatened by, but largely in favor of the inclusion of LBGT people non-discrimination law.    
Americans from all walks of life share the basic value that no one—including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people—should face discrimination in the workplace. But even in 2013, there’s no state law in 29 states protecting a gay, lesbian, or bisexual person from being fired just because of who they are—and the same is true in 33 states for transgender people.
There is no clear federal law barring workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity either. That’s why it’s so important that the U.S. Senate may vote on ENDA (S. 815) in the very near future. This bill would provide nationwide employment protections for LGBT people.
There is no more important time than now for action! Add the business voice to the campaign by calling and letting your senators know you support ENDA. It's really simple, and it only takes a minute. Find out where your senators stand on ENDA and follow these simple call instructions.
Calling your U.S. senators to let them know you support ENDA will make a big difference, and it should only take a minute. Here are three easy steps.
1. Find your senators, based on the state where you live.
2. If any of your senators are not yet supportive of ENDA, call them first to urge them to support ENDA. Your message can be as simple as this – "Hi, my name is                       , and I live in                     and I’m a business owner.  I’m calling to urge the senator to support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act because I believe that no one should face discrimination in the workplace."
3. If any of your senators are already supporters of ENDA, call to thank them.  It’s important that they hear from constituents who agree with their position! Your message can be as simple as this – "Hi, my name is                    , and I live in                         and I’m a business owner. I’m calling to thank the senator for supporting the Employment Non-Discrimination Act."
After you’ve called your senator, go one step further and add your small business voice to the Coalition for Workplace Fairness!  Local affiliate chambers and small business owners can show their support for this legislation, and it is important to send a message to legislators that this is supported widely by small business owners as well as large employers.