Total Engagement Consulting: Upholding LGBTQ+ Diversity in the Workplace

| By Sarah Jester

Consulting firms across the nation offer a variety of important services to their clients. However, business owner Stan Kimer has found a significant way to stand out from the rest. Certified LGBTBE® Total Engagement Consulting by Kimer maintains a heavy focus on the importance of LGBTQ diversity.

“Total Engagement Consulting by Kimer offers consulting services in two key areas: 1) Diversity consulting and training services with the ability to handle all areas of diversity and cultural competence and with a deep expertise in LGBT, Unconscious Bias Training and Employee Resource Group launch and growth; and 2) An innovative program to engage your employees in company-specific long range career planning, which boosts employee productivity and talent retention,” explained Kimer.

Kimer worked for IBM, an NGLCC founding Corporate Partner, for over 30 years. He then went on to found Raleigh, North Carolina-based Total Engagement Consulting in 2010, and obtained LGBTBE certification from NGLCC in 2011.

“[Certification] has given me exposure to be able to market my services to large companies, as well as networking and finding potential business partners,” he explained. “So far I have won two contracts directly through matchmaker sessions I attended at the annual business and leadership conference, and have also been brought on as a subcontractor on a project by another LGBTBE.”

Total Engagement Consulting has helped numerous clients foster accepting workplace environments, assisting several that had employees who were transitioning. Kimer spoke to the importance of recognizing and upholding diversity when asked about what made his business stand out.

“First, I have a deep expertise in LGBTQ diversity, which is still a unique area in much of the American south,” he said. “And my career development process which I developed at IBM is unique within the industry.”

Over the next several years, Kimer seeks to continue adding new, innovative content to the resources that Total Engagement Consulting offers.

“In the past year, I have added expertise in employee resource groups, unconscious bias and gender non-binary topics,” Kimer said.

When asked to give advice for aspiring LGBT entrepreneurs, Kimer pointed to successful time management strategies, as well as the importance of the resources that NGLCC offers.

“Give yourself plenty of time, it is hard work and you are not going to be making huge profits after 6 months, or maybe even after 2 of 4 years,” he explained. “Be in it for the long haul. Use all the resources out there to help you, like what the NGLCC has to offer.  Also, get yourself a handful of experienced successful business mentors.”

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