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This page is dedicated to our network of exceptional, innovative Certified LGBT Business Enterprise® (Certified LGBTBE®) suppliers in the NGLCC network.  Here you will find information on business development webinars and trainings; online matchmakers, both B2B and corporate; support with drafting capability statements and RFPs; and much, much more to help our businesses and community stay strong and ready for the year ahead. 

For funding and economic relief information, please visit our hub: NGLCC Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Additionally, many NGLCC local affiliate chambers have regional information an economic recovery opportunities available. To find your closest local affiliate, click here.


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Wednesday, April 8 | 2-3PM EST
The Top 6 Leadership Competencies Every Leader Should Know and Grow
OK: so you want to focus on developing your own leadership awesome … good for you! Now, where to start? In this session Dr. Steve Yacovelli will share what he’s discovered to be the Top 6 Leadership competencies (or skills) everyone wanting to be a rock star leader should focus on. From leveraging your authenticity to having leadership courage, being empathetic to mastering communication, and building relationships to shaping workplace culture, you’ll leave this session with an understanding of what these six look like in your workplace, and what steps you can begin to take to strengthen them for your own leadership success. 
Wednesday, April 15 | 2-3PM EST
Being a Consciously Inclusive Leader
Being an effective leader takes .. In this session, Dr. Steve Yacovelli will explore the three areas every leader should focus on in order to be more consciously inclusive. From THINK IN about your own unconscious biases, to SPEAK UP to create a more inclusive workplace, to ACT OUT in ways you can foster a feeling of belonging for everyone within your organization, you’ll leave this session with actionable steps you can take to be a more inclusive leader and make the workplace—and the world—just a little bit better for us all.


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Tuesday, April 7 from 1:30 – 3:00 pm EST
American Water Presents:
National Supplier Diversity Strategy Overview for Bidders and Prime Contractors – Webinar
Join us for this webinar that provides an overview of the National Supplier Diversity Strategy. The webinar is designed to help current and potential large-procurement suppliers also known as “Prime Suppliers” gain an in-depth understanding of how the supplier diversity fits into the state procurement process.
Topics include:
• Supplier diversity certification types
• Supplier diversity subcontracting plan forms
• Roles and responsibilities of prime suppliers including instruction on how to
submit reporting in the for Q1
• The percentage of sales commitment and its evaluation • Ways to meet diversity spend commitments
Pre-registration is required. Registrants will receive the webinar login instructions prior to the date of the webinar. If you have not received the login instructions, please check your spam or junk folder. If the instructions are not in your spam/junk folder, please email us at: [email protected].

Wednesday, April 8 | 2 PM EST
MC&I Nuanced Pandemic Mindsets Shaping America
The first of a two-part AIMM webinar series focused on how Multicultural and Inclusive communities are facing the current COVID-19 crisis.  This informative Ted-style briefing will be focused on the  Asian, Hispanic and LGBTQ communities. 


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Looking for other previous webinars? Links are available via [email protected]




March 26, 2020   | Link to resources: SBA COVID-19 Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources


NGLCC Virtrual Site Visitor Training

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Communities of Color Initiative (CoCI) Introduction


Wednesday, April 1, 2020 | 2:00 PM EST
ISO900 Training: Get Your Products & Services Ready for the Big RFPs
As part of our ongoing promise to continue LGBTBE business resource trainings online, we are pleased to present Part II of our ISO 900 Webinar Series on Wednesday, April 1, 2020 at 2:00 PM EST! This seminar is a high-level introduction on ISO 9001:2015 Standard and the Certification Process. It is geared to help take the guesswork out of a quality management system implementation and to help the organization avoid painful learning curves typically seen during a quality management implementation.  For businesses that are planning on implementing an industry-recognized Quality Management System, we highly recommend you to attend! Organizations use the standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. Let us help you prepare for the workload to increase as our economic recovery continues ahead.
Friday, April 3, 2020 | 1-2PM EST
Tax in the time of COVID-19: tax implications and opportunities stemming from the CARES Act 
Presented by EY
Events like the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), have made reacting to trade disputes, and continued implementation of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act much more difficult. The volume and pace of information has not stopped and yet the difficulty of staying on top of these developments has increased.